Exeter Red Tent

Welcome to Exeter Red Tent

We are creating a warm, non-judgemental, brave space were all women are welcome to simply be themselves. We are an inclusive space, being LBT+ friendly and anti-racist. We meet once a month, around the new moon, currently via the Zoom video app online.

What do we do?

A Red Tent is a worldwide grassroots movement of women being with women, supporting each other with mutual respect.

Essentially a Red Tent is a space where women get to speak and be heard, without other people offering their opinions on her situation.

It’s about simply showing up and being yourself. you don’t have to rehearse what you’re going to say, in fact its much better if you don’t.

The Exeter Red Tent currently meets on zoom from 7.30pm until 9pm. You can sign up via our booking page where you’ll be asked to make a donation to help cover our costs. 100% of any profit goes back into The Nest social enterprise.

By holding space for each other as empowered women we give ourselves permission to step into that space within ourselves.

We normally begin with a short mindfulness exercise to help us relax and come into the room. Then we offer a talking space for each women to check in and share how they’re doing.

After our check-in we might discuss a theme or topic, sometimes this is related to what’s been happening in the media, or what is happening in the natural world at that time of year.

Sometimes someone brings a poem or something they’d like to share and we listen and talk about that.

It’s very relaxed and you don’t have to talk if you don’t feel like it in the moment. But we do ask that everyone has their videos turned on and has introduced themselves. A safe and brave space is created by creating a container of trust, this is something we do together.

The Exeter Red Tent is proud to be listed on the international Red Tent directory

“Red Tents are spaces intentionally co-created for women to share, connect and authentically be. They are spaces for women to share their stories, rest and gain strength from being together and supporting one another.”