We aim to offer informational, social and emotional support during the perimenopause and menopause transition.

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What if there was a positive side to the menopause? What if it could be a time of rich personal growth and inner transformation! We are exploring what inspires women who experience positive a menopause and share ways to increase mental and emotional well-being. Follow us on social media to join in the conversation.


Our mission is to share more about the perimenopause and menopause; to normalise this most normal stage in a woman’s life by providing holistic access to quality information. Check out our resource section for a list of useful websites and a reading list. Stay in touch for upcoming workshops.


We want to start running a regular Menopause women’s group to share support, information and stories. This monthly peer support group could help us to share beliefs, myths, experiences and make friends. Online or Exeter based. Get in touch to register interest HERE.

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