When you hear the word ‘menopause’ what are the first three words that come to mind? Most of us think of things like hot flush, aches, mind fog.

This is because many of us have been sold an idea that menopause is nothing but a set of embarrassing symptoms to be endured, or at best managed. But what if there were other stories waiting to be told?

What if menopause was understood to be a shift of the whole being, and respected as a rite of passage?

What if YOU were part of changing the culture around menopause, moving from stigma and shame to openness and curiosity?

Join our menopause cultural revolution and commit to help create a world where this rite of passage is respected and honoured as a crucial gateway of life.

Menopause Events with The Nest. Booking essential HERE

Monthly Meno Mondays. A safe space for people who are in / or approaching the menopause experience. This peer support group is all about finding positive ways break the stigma around menopause and start to build a more empowering environment. Themes and occasional speakers. 7.30-9pm at The Holy Trinity Church Hall, Arena Park, Exeter. Booking essential HERE

Exeter Menopause Café. This is an open meeting for people of all genders to come and chat about all things perimenopause and menopause related. It is aimed at breaking down the taboo around menopause, increasing awareness of the impact of the menopause on those experiencing it, their family, friends and their colleagues, and reflecting on the ‘third stage of life’. 10am-12 noon. At The Glorious Art House Café. Booking essential HERE

What if there was a positive side to the menopause? What if it could be a time of rich personal growth and inner transformation! We are exploring what inspires women who experience a positive menopause and to share ways to increase mental and emotional well-being.

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Our mission is to share more about the perimenopause and menopause; to normalise this stage in a woman’s life by providing holistic access to quality information. Check out our resource section below for a list of useful websites and a reading list. And join one of our groups for in person information!

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Come along to one of our menopause positive events to meet other people who are interested in talking and learning more about the perimenopause and menopause transition. We currently run a regular peer support group, and the Exeter menopause café.

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Our Curated List of Resources

Local Groups
  • Exeter Menopause Café – 1st Friday of the month. 10am – 12 noon. The Glorious Art House Café, Fore St, Exeter. Free. Booking Essential. See events page for details HERE


NICE guidelines:

Menopause Matters, an independent magazine sharing info and options:

Women’s health concern,  the patient arm of the British Menopause Society:

Daisy Network -For women experiencing premature menopause:

The British Menopause Society:

European Menopause and Andropause Society:

Menopause Cafe:

Rock My menopause. Full of information

CIPD Menopause resources:

The Government Equality Office Report on Menopause transition: effects on women’s economic participation:

UNISON menopause guidance and model policy:

Council Period and Menopause Policy

  • Susun S Weed ‘ New Menopausal Years’
  • Dr Christine Northrup ‘The Wisdom of Menopause’
  • Clarissa Pinkola Estes ‘How to be an Elder’
  • Diane Richardson ‘Slow sex’
  • Dr Jerilynn Prior ‘Estrogens Storm Season’
  • Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD ‘Goddesses in Older Women’
  • Sally J Duffel ‘Grow your own HRT’
  • Jane Lewis ‘Me and my menopausal vagina’
  • Lara Briden ‘Period Repair manual’
  • Darcey Steinke ‘Flash Count Diary’
  • Dr Lani ‘No nonsense Bone health Guide’

Devon Women Speak…

In June 2021 we ran a countywide survey for women, girls and all menstruators in Devon – aiming to gather information about menstruation, pregnancy, birth and menopause experiences and how they can affect key areas of life. The results were fascinating. You can read about it in our blog here and also access the full report by clicking on the image below:

click on the image above to access our report

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