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The Nest SW Community day

With the leaves on the trees starting to change colour, and the golden glow of the sun as it peeked out from behind the clouds, there was a real feel of autumn in the air last weekend.

Every year since we launched this social enterprise The Nest SW four years ago we have held a gathering for our wider community to come together, meet old friends and new, drink tea, eat cake and share stories. It is probably the only time that members from all our different life stages groups of menstruation, pregnancy, new parents and menopause are in the room together like this. And last Saturday afternoon saw the wider Nest community coming together for our 2023 community day!

The Parklife hub in Heavitree was a great place to meet and we also had some people who had never heard of The Nest pop in to see what we were doing.


⭐They found a table about menstruation with lots of different period products to explore, and an introduction to the new menstruation peer support group starting next month at The City Gate pub in Exeter.

Pregnancy & Birth

⭐There was also table with information about pregnancy, birth and parenting, complete with our lending library of books and hire items (TENS, birth ball and pool), and information about our antenatal, postnatal, walk & walk groups and postnatal exercise class.


⭐And there was a table about menopause – with books and information about our regular groups for anyone experiencing menopause symptoms to know they are not alone, to find information and solidarity in community.

It is great to come along to the community day to catch up and see old friends!


All these tables were supported by our wonderful teams of peer support volunteers: people with real life lived experience who give their time and energy to help support other people going through these massive life stages.

Together we believe we can make a difference, and that being supported enables us to become better informed, better resourced, more resilient and tap into our inner personal empowerment to be able to live our lives as our best selves. And from this place to create more resilient and connected families, and communities that care for themselves, each other and the planet. Are you ready to join the movement?

Who we are

The Nest Southwest Community Interest Company (CIC) is an Exeter based, women-led, not-for profit social enterprise that supports women and people who menstruate.

Why we exist

Gender inequality underpins many problems which disproportionately affect women and people who menstruate, such as lack of access to education, period poverty, discrimination, harassment and inadequate healthcare.

What we do

We create vibrant peer support networks in Exeter by running groups, workshops and events to provide social, emotional and informational support both online and in person.

Our Vision

To live in a world where all girls, women and people who menstruate are empowered and fulfilled during each life stage.

Our Mission

To create a thriving, confident, informed and ecologically aware community.

Our Values

We believe in intersectional feminism by promoting gender justice and racial justice. We are anti-racist and pro-trans rights. We believe in equality for all genders.

What a different place our world will be if we felt belonging, supported, and respected as we welcomed ourselves to the next stage of life!

Are you interested in joining our leadership team, with potentially becoming a Nest co-director? You will be part of steering this amazing company that supports women and people who menstruate to be their best selves, and you will part of a passionate team working towards making our dream of a more inclusive future reality. 
Read the role description HERE and get in touch!

Photo Credits: White Linen Photography

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