An Introduction to Birth Affirmations

An Introduction to Birth Affirmations

What are birth affirmations?

Birth affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts about pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

What are the benefits of birth affirmations?

There are many benefits to using birth affirmations during your pregnancy, and these include:

  • encouraging a positive mindset
  • reducing stress
  • helping you cope with labour
  • building your self-confidence
  • releasing fear around pregnancy, birth, and parenting

How do I get started with birth affirmations?

Getting started with birth affirmations is very easy; simply pick a positive statement about pregnancy, birth, or parenting, and repeat it to yourself on a regular basis! When you’re picking your phrase, make sure it fits with these rules:

  1. The phrase is in the first person 
  2. The phrase is in the present tense
  3. The phrase does not use any negative language

Here at The Nest, we’ve put together a variety of sets of birth affirmations to help you get started, and these are available in our shop for just 50p each. Each set is available in two versions: birth affirmations for women, and gender-neutral birth affirmations.

If you’re feeling creative, why not check out our colourable birth affirmations which come in two formats: A4 colouring sheets, or bunting? Not only will colouring them in provide you with a relaxing and creative outlet during your pregnancy, but, once they’re finished, you can use them to decorate both your home and your birth space! Being able to see your affirmations repeatedly will really help them to sink in and take effect.  

However, if you’d like your birth affirmations to come ready made, our business card-sized affirmations will be perfect for you; just print them out and off you go!

What are some examples of birth affirmations?

Examples of birth affirmations include:

  • Good strong contractions help my baby come into the world.
  • I am a powerful, loving and creative being.
  • My baby knows my heart beat, my breathing, my voice, the feeling of my love.

You can find all of these (and more!) in our sets of birth affirmations.

If you’re interested in affirmations, you can also find menstruation and menopause affirmations in our shop.

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