World Menopause Day

World Menopause Day

Monday 18th October 2021 is a day dedicated to raising awareness about the menopause. Here at The Nest Southwest CIC we are committed to providing social, emotional and informational support about this major life transition, and we do this through our groups, yoga sessions and carefully curating a list of recommended resources.

We are an independent, grass roots, not-for profit organisation based in Devon. We are led by and for women, and non-binary menstruators. We are not sponsored but we do receive grant funding that is in alignment with our ethics and code of conduct to enable us to deliver some of our services at reduced rate or for free.

Why is it important to talk about the menopause?

If you started menstruating, you will one day pass through the menopause. This fact is something many of us simply put off thinking about until the moment comes, and while for some the menopause transition is a smooth passage for others it can be horrifically debilitating and create an overwhelming sense of loneliness. But you are not alone and talking to others in a safe and supportive space can help normalise the wide range of menopause symptoms and explore any treatment options.

Yet the world is rapidly changing and this year the topic of menopause seems to be popping up everywhere, from local radio stations to national news coverage to employer tribunals. However there is still not much support and women can feel isolated.

Introducing The Exeter Menopause Café

Following the World’s first menopause café, held in Perth, Scotland in 2017, a number of menopause cafes have been organised throughout the UK, including in some workplaces. The Nest Southwest was inspired by the simple yet profound idea to bring people together over a hot drink to talk about all things peri and menopause related, so this month we launched our very own Exeter menopause café. We gather at The Glorious Art House Café on Fore Street in Exeter. All genders are welcome to come and share stories and listen to each other.

AND in honour of World Menopause Day today we are holding an online pop-up café on zoom. Book your spot HERE

Why is this open to all genders?

Menopause does not happen in a vacuum, it can affect the whole of society because the people it affects live and work within that society. Partners often struggle to understand what is happening and have no idea what is normal and what is not. Also, people who were assigned female at birth and menstruate but don’t identify as women will also go through the menopause. This is why we open our menopause café up to people of all genders, to create an open non-judgemental, confidential space to share experiences and talk to each other about this transformative experience.

Hopes and dreams going forward…

The Exeter menopause café is just the beginning in our work around the menopause. We also offer weekly yoga classes and monthly menopause workshops online and are exploring options in 2022 to create menopause educational sessions, grief tending opportunities and weekend retreats. Our dream is to create a thriving, empowered community that supports each other, building on peer support and access to quality information.

How can people get involved?


Exeter Menopause Cafe

This is an open meeting for people of all genders to come and chat about all things perimenopause and menopause related. It is aimed at breaking down the taboo around menopause, increasing awareness of the impact of the menopause on those experiencing it, their family, friends and their colleagues, and reflecting on the ‘third stage of life’.

Online – Zoom

In Person at The Glorious Art House Café, Fore St, Exeter.


Monthly Menopause yoga workshop

Join Virginia for this 2 hour ONLINE session which will include time for information sharing and discussion as well as gentle (accessible for all) Yoga movement and breath work and deep relaxation.
Virginia is a former nurse and now a Yoga and Ayurveda therapist who is fully post menopausal and loving it!

Online – Zoom

Monday 22nd November 7-9pm


Weekly Yin Yoga

A beautiful way to end a week and set intentions for the new one about to begin. Yin yoga is a very slow, still practice where we hold just a handful of poses for a few minutes each. It’s a great practice for calming both body and mind, letting go of stress and shifting into our rest and digest mode. Suitable for all women, whatever life stage.

Online – Zoom

Sundays 8-9pm


Resource list

Our mission is to share more about the perimenopause and menopause; to normalise this stage in a woman’s life by providing holistic access to quality information. Check out our resource section for a list of useful websites and a reading list.

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