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Devon Women speak out

In June we launched our countywide survey for women, girls and all menstruators in Devon – aiming to gather information about menstruation, pregnancy, birth and menopause experiences and how they can affect key areas of life. The survey was designed to focus on the impact of these life transitions and the access to support and advice – or lack thereof.

We received more responses than expected, (242 in total!) with so many valuable and important experiences being shared with us. It was inspiring to read the comments left by respondents and discover recurring themes throughout each section – it reminded us that although each individual’s journey through the major life transitions is unique, there are so many shared experiences which unite menstruators together.

The stigma, and lack of conversation & education around these topics contributes towards a lack of the support systems that can bring women, girls, and menstruators together, and as a result the stories and experiences of menstruators are not shared as much as they could be. Which is why so many of the survey respondents said that the one thing they wished they had known from their first bleed is that they aren’t alone.

The survey revealed gaps in information and support, especially when it came to preparation and information about the menopause and postnatal care for mothers – which, now that it has been identified, The Nest hopes to provide extra support to cover those neglected areas. We already provide a variety of groups and services for women in Devon, see our events page for more details.

And you can download the whole report HERE or keep scrolling and read below…

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